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Recognition of foreign degrees

Recognition of foreign degree and/or foreign qualification in the Russian Federation is an official confirmation of education and/or qualification relevance received in a foreign country that grants a person the rights to academic, professioanl or other kinds of activity. The decision of recognition is made by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science (Rosobrnadzor) and is based on the preliminary expertise of the educational certificate and its supplements. If the decision is positive, a person gets an official Certificate of Recognition.

OmSTU International Cooperation Office provides express assessment of foreign educational certificates and sends such certificates to Rosobrnadzor in order for them to be officially recognized in the Russian Federation. This procedure allows to save time and money during enrollment at Russian universities.

List of documents for the recognition procedure:
  1. Application for recognition of foreign education and/or qualification
  2. Personal identification document (e.g. passport, permanent residency). It is returned to the owner after receiving the application. Should the documents be sent by post, the original of this document should not be sent
  3. Copy of the personal identification document:
  • if it is a passport of the Russian Federation citizen or foreign citizen passport fully dubbed in Russian (pages with personal data, photo, issuing authority and issue date, place of residence) - provide a simple copy
  • if the document is not in Russian - provide a notarized translation of the whole document into Russian (or just the translation of seal impression if the rest of the document is in Russian) with filed copy of the original document
     4. Legalized originals of educational certificate and its supplements with list of subjects and their volume, internships, course works and thesis, etc.
     5. Copy of the educational certificate:
  • if the document and seal impression are fully dubbed in Russian, provide a notarized copy
  • if the document and/or seal impression is in a foreign language, provide notarized translation of the document and/or seal impression with filed copy of the original. If the document was issued in two or more languages other than Russian, provide notarized copy of these translations (including translation of the seal). It is important that the translations to other languages must have been made from the national language of the issuing country
     6. In order to implement recognition procedure for second higher education certificate, certificate of reduced programme education, Master's degree certificate, completion or period of a course abroad (if the course was partially taken in Russia), additional document of prior education must be provided
     7. If the owner of the documents changed the surname/name/patronymic after receiving the educational certificate, it is needed to provide the document confirming such change (e.g. a certificate from Civil Status Registration Office). It is not needed to notarize such document.
     8. Application form
     9. Agreement in duplicate
   10. Copy of document proving the payment
   11.  Letter of attorney

The applicant has the right to provide other documents proving his educational/professioal level:
  1. Prior educational certificates (school or college certificates, Bachelor's or Master's diplomas, etc.)
  2. Certificate from educational institution's archive proving the studying and receiving an educational certificate (the certificate states sudying period, field of study/qualification, certificate details, etc.)
  3. Copies of license and accreditation certificates of educational programme and educational institutions
  4. Copies of documents stating qualification improvement courses completion
These documents are not obligatory and are provided at the discretion of the applicant. All the documets should be translated into Russian.
Document forms (applications, agreements, payment details, letter of attorney) are sent in electronic format on request sent to It is important to note that the list of documents may vary depending on the country. 

Special recognition cases
In accordance with intergovernmental agreements between the Russian Federation and other countries some educational certificates are accepted by the Russian educational institutions and other organizations without the expertize. In this case it is needed to provide only notarized translation of the educational certificate and its supplements into the Russian language.

Expertize duration
Provided all necessary documents are sent, response time is 45 days. However, this period can be up to 90 days if additional documents need to be provided.

State duty payment
According to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation since January 1, 2015 the state duty for the recognition procedure per one recognition certificate amounts to 6500 rubles.

If you have any questions regarding the procedure, please contact Mariya Shishkina, the Manager of Foreign Affairs 

The price of the procedure at OmSTU is 6100 rubles. 

Tel. +7 3812 65-64-92 
Address: 644050, Omsk, prospect Mira st, building 11/6, office 417A

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