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Research and educational resource center "Politest"

Resource center “Politest” is an OmSTU subdivision. Its primary activities are establishing scientific, technical and technological base for polymer and composite processing, as well as training highly qualified specialists in the field of polymeric composite material research.

The importance of introducing new methods for polymer research is determined by a broad variety and specific characteristics of research subject, as well as by continuing development of analytical equipment and constantly increasing quality requirements. The center has all the necessary equipment for training skilled specialists in such fields as material science and polymer and composite material processing technology. All equipment is up to international standards.

Dynamic mechanical analyzer DMA 242 C is designed for thermomechanical analysis (linear dimensions measurement of a sample during thermal and mechanical stress, as well as elastic modulus assessment) within the –170°C - 600°C temperature range. Test materials may include the following: polymers (thermoplastic, thermosetting polymer, elastomer, composite materials, lacquer and finishes, glue, fibers and film, pastes, biopolymers); pharmaceuticals, food, ceramic material, glass, metal, etc. The device can work as a dynamic mechanical and thermomechanical analyzer in different deformation modes (compression, tension, bending at two or three points, penetration, shearing, liquid compression and tension) and with use of different gaseous substances, temperatures and load modes. All of this makes it possible to evaluate test composition, form, and load resistance.

Dynamic rubber process analyzer D-RPA 3000 is an analyzer of the newest generation designed for assessment of viscoelastic characteristics of polymers and elastomeric alloys before, during and after vulcanization.

We do research on the following materials: natural rubber, rubber mix, vulcanized rubber, and thermoplastic elastomer. Isothermal and non-isothermal tests, fluctuations in amplitude, frequency, temperature, velocity of shear, relaxation, delay, Multipurpose frictional testing machine 2168 is designed for testing friction, non-friction and lubricating materials for friction and wear rate in a wide range of modes. The machine has a lot of change parts: it lets you quickly change the testing modes which model tribocoupling work in friction joints. During the test such characteristics as friction moment, pressing force, rotation rate and temperature are being measured. Extrusion line for getting samples of composite polymer materials; with forming die for getting samples in a form of sheet or film. System for measuring gas permeability of materials using manometric method (method of pressure differential measurement). The possibility of film barrier properties measurement (gas: oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide).



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