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Resource center "Metal forming and foundry"

Laboratory “Metal forming”

1.      Production of parts from sheet metal S ≤ 6 mm

2.      Instrument engineering: production of punches and dies for equipment with CNC, production of stamps for sheet metal stamping, production of press dies for plastic

3.      Production of flanges

4.      Metalware industry: production of metal goods samples

5.      Decorative forging

Laboratory “Foundry”

Development of technological processes connected with casting from ferrous and nonferrous alloys using different foundry techniques:

  • Casting into single-use sand clay green-sand mold

  •  High-pressure casting

  • Centrifugal casting

  • Die casting

  • Gasifiable pattern casting

  •  Ornamental and jewelry casting

Center’s equipment:

1. Hydraulic punching press HPI 3044

2. Sheet bending press STS 130/3100-Y1Y2XR-FM-B-DA65

3. Screw compressor ABAC Formula E 1110

4. Measurement system

5. Grinding machine PNB-5E

6.  Power unit ЗФ-125А

7.  Press К9532 1,6 mN, hydraulic press Д0488 4 mN air hammer М4129, electric arc press Ф1730А 1mN, laboratory furnace 1СНО, electric furnace 1СНО 2 32/13, heating inductor, hydraulic press П474А 1mN, strain-gauge station ZET017Т8, test machine МТЛ 10Г-1, electrohydraulic forming unit SHE-45, cold-forming automatic unit В121Б60, pull test machine УММ10, sheet metal shears НВ474, power presses К2318 63 kN, КБ245 630 kN, КВ235 630 kN, single-point press АККД2118 63kN, sheet stamping automatic presses А6824, АТ6, thread-rolling machine А9518

8.  Induction crucible furnace GWJ 025-250-1

9.   Rotoblast barrel SB1035B1

10. Tumbling-barrel МП-542

11. Vertical bandsaw VsF-14-3JET

12. Device for express analysis of ferrous and nonferrous alloy chemical composition ДФС-500

13. Bogie-type heating furnace

14. Pot-type furnace ПП 200/11

15. Universal hardness tester

16. Strain-gauge station

17. Gas transmission determination device

18. Mix gas-generation value device

19. 3-Axis machining center with CNC



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