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No-touch metering of heat

The scientific laboratory of no-touch metering of heat was established on the basis of the Wireless Devices and Diagnostic SystemsDepartment to store scientific and technical potential in pyrometry in 1999.

The laboratory specialization includes:

1. The implementation and improvement of methods and algorithm of non-touch heat control of the industrial enterprises;

2. Planning, construction and testing the devices of non-touch heat control;

3. The development of standard sources of heat emission;

4. The research of metrological aspects to apply methods and devices of non-touch heat control.

The activity of the laboratory directs to solve the following practical problems:

1. The organization of the systems of non-touch heat monitoring of industrial enterprises (metallurgy, glasswork and cement production, oil and gas industry) to prevent cases of emergency, equipment failure and violations of manufacturing composite lead time.

2. The check and calibration of devices of non-touch metering of heat in different climatic conditions.

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