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OOO "Scientific and research institute of radioelectronics and instrument making"

Main aims and objectives:

  1. Fundamental, applied, exploratory research on high priority fields of science and equipment in accordance with educational program specialization
  2. Achievement of new level of integration of scientific and educationl processes during training of OmSTU students in such fields as radio engineering, electronics and instrument making
  3. Innovative activity with the aim of creating competitive scientific and technical products and samples of new equipment and software oriented at high thechnology market
  4. participation in OmSTU educational process via bringing students and faculty in scientific and technical activities
  5. Enabling students to indertake production and pre-diploma internships, do individual research (Master's and Doctoral degrees)

Scientific priorities:

Frequancy regulation, development of spectrally-effective ultra short wave and short wave devices announcement system, receiving and controlling devices for fire safety and security, transport monitoring.


Project Energy and spectrally effective devices for radio and telecommunication remote sensing and connection based on new signal processing and highly intergrated large circuit

In 2011 this project won in the competition held by "Foundation for assistance to small enterprises in scientific and technical sphere" in such field as H1 program START (art - telecommunication systems, priority area - information and communication systems, critical technology of federal level - technology of processing, storage, transmission and protection of information).

The project is focused on development of Russian devices for digital communication and remote sensing in ultra short wave and short wave range with emission frequency band of 6,25 kilohertz (whereas the traditional range for ultra short waves is 25 kilohertz) with use of digital signal processing methods based on large intergrated circuit. Apart from high spectral efficiency (narrow emission frequency band) communication device must promote high energy efficiency which is typical for analogue FM stations, simplicity of circuits and digital speech quality with a possibility of its scrambling, as well as transmission of telemetered information, e.g. from monitoring systems indicators for technological equipent. 

The application range of such devices is broad: professional sector (transport, emergency services, oil and gas and chemical fields, extractive and industrial enterprises), commercial sector (security companies, storage facilities, commercial facilities, hotel business), consumer sector (recreation, sport, entertainment).

The project is intellectual property of S.A. Zavialov, A.N. Lyashuk. Patent 2011100316 of January 11, 2011. Copyright holder - Scientific and research institute of radioelectronics and instrument making, OmSTU.

Scientific and technical project carried out in coopearion with OOO Scintific and technical company "INTEX" and OOO Scientific and production company "Altego": Centralized wireless data transmission system for monitorig of social and technical facilities.

Scientific novelty of the project is determined by consideration of the following problems:
  • Creation of ultra narrow band signal transmitters of facility-based devices
  • Frequency-hopping spread spectrum
  • Development of effective multiplexing methods
  • Digital signal processing
The result of such concideration is innovative idea of unique data transmission system over a distance of 30 km in unlicensed band. 
  • more than 30 scientific articles in journals and conference collections
  • presentations at all-Russian conferences and international symposiums 
  • patent for invention 2371775 1 Russian Federation, International Patent Classification G 08 25/10. 2008107375/11, pending February 26, 2009, published October 27, 2009 "Method of announcement transmission for central security systems", authors - V.V. Vasilevskij, S.A. Zavialov
  • ertificate of registration of computer program 2010610217 "Recovery of bit and frame synchronization with automatic-frequency control", registered January 11, 2010 in the Unified register of the Russian programs for electronic computers and databases 
Research "Development of impact-resistant telemetry transmitter"

The aim is development of impact-resistant high-frequency high-stable source of reference fluctuation based on acoustic surface waves filter.

  • development of generator and transmitter scale models for severe operating conditions
  • intellectual property - useful model patent "Surface-acoustic-wave oscillator" Zavialov S.A., Lyashuk A.N., Lepetaev A.N. Approval of patent 2011100220/09 (000313) of January 11, 2011. Right owners - Scientific and research institute of radioelectronics and instrument making, OmSTU.
Project in development - "Development of basic technology of special-purpose control units for multichannel radiocommunication systems"

Special-purpose control unit is a modular unit used for analogue-digital signal convertion and further signal processing.
The aim is to develop special-purpose control unit for digital software defined radiostation of new generation.

  • Develpment of electric scematic diagram of 3 channel special-purpose control unit with high-perfomance signal processor
  • Higher Attestation Commission Publications: A.V. Kosykh, V.V. Vasilevskij, P.I. Puzyrev - Bit synchronization diagram of phase modulation in modal communication and management systems

Head of Scientific and research institute of radioelectronics and instrument making - Zavialov S.A.
Tel: 8(3812) 60-54-95

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