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OOO "ART Universal"

Main activities include:
  1. Research and developments in natural and engineering sciences
  2. Research and developments in social and humanities
  3. Forging, moulding, die forging and sheet stamping
  4. Production of hosting and transport equipment
  5. Production of cranes for construction
  6. Production of forge-and-press equipment
  7. Production of equipment for textile and apparel industry, including production of sewing machines
  8. Production of devices and equipment for automated control (automatic control consoles)
  9. Installation of devices for control of technological processes
  10. Development of industrial processes and production projects in the field of electrical engineering, mining, chemical engineering, machine engineering, industrial costruction, systems engineering and safety
  11. Wholesale distribution of machines, equipment, vessels and aircrafts
  12. Wholesale distribution of metal working machines
  13. Wholesale distribution of machines and equipment for construction
  14. Software development
  15. Dvelopment of projects in the field of air conditioning, refrigerating equipment, sanitary engineering and and environmental pollution monitoring, architectual acoustics, etc.
  16. Technical testing, research and certification
  17. Machine-tool production
Results of scientific and technical developments

The company has a patent for slider-crank mechanism (useful model patent  90156 of July 25, 2009). There are also patent applications for useful patent models of lifting machine jib and clutchless press with constant diagram of mechanism gearing. The company has author software for carrying out kinematic and dynamic experiments.

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