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Student design engineering department

  1. Digital signal processing on programmable intergrated logic circuits
Fields of research: digital signal processing, medicine, general electronics

     2. Machine design engineering

Fields of research: development of "Marsh buggy" transmission elements and research on its characteristics

     3. Orbita

Fields of research: design and production of small uncrewed aerial vehicles: dynamics and aerodynamics of such vehicles, control and management, reliability of construction elements, technology of construction production

     4. Veter

Fields of research: research, development and production of low-power wind turbins (1-5 Kw) which are manufactured to work with low-speed wind (1-2 m/sec)

     5. Tsvet-servis

Fields of research: technology of printed electronics production using ink-jet printing 

     6. Automobile diagnostics

Fields of research: creation of competitive diagnostics methods for automobile maintenance

     7. 3D engineering school

Fields of research: 3D design, modeling

     8. High-speed automated control systems

Fields of study: development of mathematical model of air flow vector characterization, creation of means for measurement information convertion, design documents

     9. Travelling bag (sac (de) voyag)

Fields of research: professional adaptation, competence development in design of apparel and materials for clothing, development of resourse-saving technology for light industry and service

    10. Pilotless aerial photo systems

Fields of research: creation of spatial data multifunction georgafic information systems based on remote sensing 

     11. Metrological support geometric precision in machine and aircraft engineering

Fields of research: development of new measuring devices, development of automated control means for exacting products production

     12. Electrical mechanics of special systems

Fields of research: supply of low-power alternative current electrical generator on permanent magnets for freight wagons (for feed of geolocation systems,  diagnostics and telemetering) 

     13. Biophysics

Fields of research: implementation of fundamental, applied, exploratory research on functional diagnostics of human condition; innovative activity focused on creation of competitive scientific and technical products and samples in the field of mobile systems for human physiological condition remote monitoring; creation of software for radio measuring devices industry

     14. Energy

Fields of research: creation of new modifications of devices for electricity quality analysis, including:
- mobile four channel devices for certification and periodical measurements 
- multifunctional, multi channel devices for analysis of working modes of electricity supply systems

     15. Politeh/media

     16. Innovative technology in machine engineering

Fields of research: friction welding 


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