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No. 1, 2018




A. M. Plekhanov
«It seems that we grow younger generation “oblivious of gens”…»

A. E. Goncharov, N. M. Karelin, D. M. Mednikov
What can Siberia export? The Northern Sea Route and concern of the cities and towns of Siberia: 1870–1890

M. S. Novikov
Sakhalin coal mines as factor in development of Russian Far East. The second half of XIX c.

L. I. Ogorodnikovа, A. M. Losunov
Kornilov from the Kornilov’s family (according to documents of Historical archives of Omsk region)

V. I. Teterin
Local self-government and land management of the Perm region under World War I

I. V. Petrov, A. S. Puchenkov
Behind Soviet barbed wire: to the question of Soviet concentration camps for prisoners of war from the Axis countries in the ESSR
in the post-war years. Rec. on the monograph: Khodyakov M. V. Foreign prisoners of the Great Patriotic War in the camps 
of the NKVD – the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Estonia. 1944–1949


O. P. Fesenko
Precedent texts in the modern educational discourse (in terms of speech of cadets of a military institute)

M. S. Shumaylova
Emotional-expressive meaning component of the German Computer Terms

A. M. Klyoster, M. S. Shumaylova
The problem of foreign borrowings in German scientific-and-technical terminology


L. I. Mosyenko, E. A.Tsvetukhina
Parenthood in the context of time and temporarinesses of human existence

Pros and Cons

R. L. Kochnev
Nonauthenticity of comfort or courage to be untimely

C. Guignon
Authenticity / trans. from Engl. R. L. Kochnev


A. V. Sushko
On issue of negative impact of modern organizational and pedagogical conditions on teaching of Russian history
(reflections on the First All-Russian Congress of History Teachers in Russian Universities)

A. V. Rychkov
What kind of history to study at university

M. I. Mashkarin
From the experience of forming research competence in independent work of students in process of studying history of Russia

M. S. Novikov, S. V. Novikov
Vista for educational and research activities in humanitarian and socio-economic disciplines in presence
of a non-profile faculty in university



N. V. Borovskikh
Methods and tools of non-price competition in the market of public catering   

A. S. Zorin, N. A. Zorina, P. A. Safrygin
The influence of entrepreneurial culture on enhancing efficiency of industrial entrepreneurship
(case study of St. Petersburg Bakers’ Association)

E. V. Yakovleva
Management of intellectualization of innovative enterprises personnel of industry as direction
of research: relevance, features, results


S. O. Snisarenko
Social determinants of human capital development in modern organization

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