No. 2, 2018





V. V Germizeeva
Reflecting problems of administrative management of Steppe region
in newspaper «Omskiy Vestnik» (1909–1917)      

D. S. Orlov
The development of grain growing in Omsk region in second half of 1960th and first half
of the 1980th: trends, stages, results

D. I. Petin
«No news on it and haven’t written...»: the sources of personal origin about the fate
of the immigrant Nikolay N. Artamonov, Jr.

A. E. Wolf
The search for minerals and creation of first production and territorial complexes 
in Yamalo-Nenets National District (1932–1937)            

Round Table          

S. V. Novikov
Sources of local modern history as component of history of country: conservation problems
and possibility of using             

I. A. Makhnanova
District measurement of Omsk regional studies: to the issue of studying the heritage 
of V. S. Anoshin, N. F. Chernokov, I. S. Korovkin            

I. A. Kostyuk
Socio-cultural development of Omsk region districts as one of indicators
of social sphere of modern Russia        

O. A. Kiryas
Political life of Tevrizsky district of Omsk region: 1996–2012             

M. S. Novikov
Parliamentary and nomenclature in political life of district. Referendum, election of members
of the Federation Council and deputies of the State Duma in Bolsheukovsky district of Omsk region. 1993–2011           


M. R. Arpentieva
Problems of poetic translation      

A. G. Golodov
Antroponymic contamination as political time marker (on a material of German language)

O. A. Guryanova
Synonymy in English terminology on television       


E. V. Pastukhova, E. A. Tsvetukhina
To the question of secondary linguistic person: communicator, interpreter, or author?

Critics and Remarks

R. L. Kochnev
About romance without love and love without romance     

A. V. Nekhaev
The pathanatomy of love. Or what can be useful in knowledge that «you know that you love»?               

In Memoria Classica    

A. V. Nekhaev
Rudolf Carnap and the «babylon towers» of world logic            


O. P. Kazakova
Learning tasks as an assessment tool of competencies in organization of pedagogical practice  

E. M. Batenko
Interaction of instructor and students in classroom of physical education        


N. V. Borovskikh, E. A. Kipervar
Human resources security as an element of economic security in region

Pros and Cons         

I. V. Tsygankova
Virtual employment — the form of future employment      

A. Eser
The future of work — flexibility and efficiency of virtual work