No. 4, 2018




A. S. Puchenkov
«The Kolchak regime was based on the main ideological component — anti-Bolshevism,
which in those conditions did not need additional clarification of the political program...»

A. V. Ganin
White pages of biography of Marshal of the Soviet Union L. A. Govorov

S. V. Novikov
Radola Gajda and Czechs. In the history of counterrevolution and Russian Civil War     

A. N. Veryaskina, N. Yu. Margolis, A. A. Fomenkov
The problem of deficit did not appear just before collapse of the USSR: on situation in trade
in Gorky region at the beginning of perestroika       


E. N. Belaya
Ethno-cultural particularity of English, French and Russian phrasiological units with components
of names of domestic animals   

И. А. Шуйцева
Эпонимы как неотъемлемая часть английской терминологии транспортировки и хранения нефти и газа


E. A. Tsvetukhina
To look at world by eyes of a phenomenologist   

R. L. Kochnev
Love to the altar         

In Memoria Classica

A. V. Nekhaev
Derek Parfit: concern of no one as myself


V. F. Potudanskaya, E. V. Yakovleva
The educational program of a magistracy for economic direction of preparation in new coordinates
of development: conceptual elements

E. M. Batenko, M. V. Bugay
Conditions for formation of healthy lifestyle of students in physical education         

T. I. Bova, E. N. Drozdovich, O. I. Kuzmenko
On organization of differentiated mathematics education for future engineers   


N. V. Borovskikh, E. A. Kipervar
Older generation in region’s labor market: the analysis of demographic and economic components

T. I. Gordiyevich, P. V. Ruzanov
Inflation and consumption in equality in 2012–2017  

M. U. Makovetsky, D. V. Rudakov, K. A. Voropaev
Actual problems of Omsk region development in context of modern socio-economic processes
in Russian Federation