Vol. 4, no. 3, 2019




V. V. Moskovkin, I. V. Skipina
Under pressure of two dictatorships: Mensheviks of Urals and Trans-Urals in first months of A. V. Kolchak’s dictatorship

M. K. Churkin
Representations of ideas of liberalism in jubilee (1863–1913) correspondence of newspaper «Russkie Vedomosti»           

V. I. Vtorushin
Siberian Society and All-Russian Constituent Assembly in context of crisis of 1917 revolution      

O. V. Grigoriev
«Customed» justice: issues of condemning military people (XVI–XVII centuries)      

V. S. Kuzevanov
State organization for reconstruction of cities in Western Siberia in postwar period (Omsk situation)     

V. O. Levashko, A. L. Nikiforov
Moral factor in combat readiness of personnel and commanders of Air force of Red Banner Baltic fleet
on the eve of Soviet-Finnish war of 1938–1939   

D. I. Petin
Power, money and Russian distemper (about monograph of M. V. Khodyakov «Money of the Revolution and the Civil War: 1917–1920»)     

S. A. Abselemov
Kazakhstan segment of Soviet historiography of agrarian colonization of Steppe region in second half
of XIX–early XX centuries: factors of genesis and evolution

A. A. Doroshenko
Soviet sport as socio-political project during Civil War (1918–1921)      

I. V. Petrov, A. S. Puchenkov
Dark personality on the background of a dark era? (On the ministry of Archbishop Varnava at the Tobolsk department in 1914–1917)  

Hystory Name  

S. V. Novikov
Josip Broz in Omsk. To the history of Russian Revolution, Russian Civil War and Socialist Construction 

Historical archive 

V. V. Germizeeva
The report of military governor V. S. Tsytovich on situation in Akmola region for 1873    


M. V. Goncharenko
Knowledge of future in context of retrospective analysis Critics and Replicas  

Critical Notices and Comments       

A. B. Didikin
Moral neutrality as legal value: critical analysis of philosophical and legal arguments of A. V. Nekhaev

X-Phi | Experimental philosophy 

V. G. Keller
Free will and conformity: less faith in free will corresponds to greater tendency to conformism        

Pros and Cons        

I. N. Nekhaeva
Ben Tilghman and the philosophy of art: in defense of the «last of the mohicans»

B. Tilghman
Crossing boundaries / trans. from Engl. I. N. Nekhaeva  


A. G. Ivanov, I. N. Pupysheva
When Heidegger is a producer: being ecological according to version of Timothy Morton        


V. N. Ivanov, E. V. Yakovleva
Creative leadership of Manager as managerial competence: value-oriented approach. Part I

V. V. Khomenko, E. A. Ruzhnikov
Investment drivers of country economic development 

P. V. Ruzanov, T. I. Gordievich
Monitoring of socio-economic development of Omsk region and adaptation processes  

M. Yu. Makovetsky, D. V. Rudakov, K. A. Voropaev
Imbalances in socio-economic development of regions of Russian Federation: problems and solutions