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Postgraduate programs

              Field of study and its code                                                                                         Major                                                     
01.06.01 Mathematics and mechanics
  1. Differential equations, dynamic systems and  optimal control
  2. Dynamics, reliability of machines, appliances and  units
  3. Mathematical logic, algebra and number theory
  4. Discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics
02.06.01 Computer and information science
  1. Systems analysis, information management and processing
  2. Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes  
04.06.01 Chemical science
  1. Physical chemistry
05.06.01 Earth science
  1. Geoecology (engineering sciences)
09.06.01 Computer science and computing
  1. Engineering geometry and computer graphics 
  2. Systems analysis, information management and processing
  3. Technological processes and production automation and management
  4. Computer-aided design
  5. Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes  
11.06.01 Electronics, radio engineering and communication systems
  1. Radio engineering and  television systems 
  2. Telecommunication systems, networks and equipment
12.06.01 Photonics, instrument making, optical and biotechnical systems and technology
  1. Electrical and non-electrical  quantities devices and measurement methods
  2. Equipment and measurement methods for natural environment, mattes, materials and products
13.06.01 Electrical and heating engineering 
  1. Electrotechnical complexes an systems
  2. Electric generating station and electrical power systems
  3. Industrial thermal engineering
  4. Machinery and processes of refrigerating and cryogenic equipment, air-conditioning and life support systems
15.06.01 Machine engineering
  1. Machine science, drive systems and  machine parts
  2. Friction and wear and tear in machines
  3. Machine engineering technology
  4. Pressure forming technology and machines
  5. Welding and related processes and technology  
  6. Printing industry machinery and processes
  7. Mechanism and machine theory
  8. Vacuum, compressor equipment and pneumatic system
  9. Hydraulic machines,  hydroelectric generating set and pneumatic equipment
20.06.01 Technogenic safety
  1. Occupational safety and health
21.06.01 Geology, mineral prospecting and mining
  1. Oil and gas pipeline, bases and storage facilities 
22.06.01 Material technology

  1. Foundry engineering
  2. Material science       
24.06.01 Aviation and aerospace equipment
  1. Aircraft design engineering, construction and production
  2. Control and testing of aircrafts and its systems
27.06.01 Technical systems management
  1. Information and measurement and management systems
38.06.01 Economics
  1. Economics and national economy management (economics, organization and management of enterprises and complexes)
  2. Economics and national economy management (regional economy)
  3. Economics and national economy management (management)
  4. Economics and national economy management (labor economics)
39.06.01 Social science
  1. Economic sociology and demography
  2. Social structure, institutions and processes
45.06.01 Linguistics and literature studies
  1. Germanic languages
46.06.01 History and archeology
  1. History of Russia
47.06.01 Philosophy, ethics and religion studies
  1. Ontology and epistemology
  2. Social philosophy
49.06.01 Physical education and sport
  1. Theory and methods of physical education, athletic training, recreational and physical education for special needs people
51.06.01 Cultural studies
  1. Theory and history of culture
29.06.01 Light industry technology
  1. Apparel technology   

Post Graduate Study is available for persons who got Master Degree or equivalent of Higher Education.

Both Full-time (3 years) and extramural (4 years) courses are possible.

 Persons applying for Post Graduate Course should take the following examinations, in accordance with The State Education Standards of Higher Professional Education:

  • Profile discipline;
  • Philosophy;
  • Foreign language

Foreign students may apply for Post Graduate Study annually

Language of instruction - Russian

Entrance examinations in September.

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