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Research and educational resource center 'Welding in construction"

This center’s activities include:

1.     Creation of modern domestic and nondomestic equipment base for welding in construction works using such methods as electrode welding, machine welding, contact welding, as well equipment base for polymer materials welding, including pipelines.

2.     Establishment and attestation of laboratory for quality of welded connection evaluation, as well as equipment for sample production and carrying out mechanical tests.

3.     Training welders to work with inverter and synergetic equipment.

4.     Training specialists for maintenance, adjustment and repair of modern welding equipment

Center’s structure:

1.     Electric-arc welding

2.     Contact welding

3.     Polyethylene pipeline welding

4.     Gas welding and cutting

5.     Mechanical processing

6.     Quality control laboratory

7.     Mechanical testing laboratory

8.     Classroom for lectures


1.     Semiautomatic welding machine KEMPPI Fastmig KMS 400 with feed mechanism MXF65

2.     Inverter power supply Lincoln Invertec STT-II with feed mechanism LF-37

3.     Power supply Lincoln DC-400 with feed mechanism LN-23P

4.     Semiautomatic welding machine Miller Axcess-450

5.     Semiautomatic welding machine Alpha Q551 with two feed mechanisms Q Drive 4L WE

6.     Power source VD-506 DK with feed mechanism PDGO-511

7.     Unit with manual control for pipe welding ROWELD P 315 ECO ROTHENBERGER

8.     Unit with computer-assisted control ROWELD P 250 B CNC ROTHENBERGER

9.     Device for registration of welding parameters ROWERD DATALINE ROTHENBERGER

10.   Buzz saw for plastic pipes UKS 160-355 ROTHENBERGER

11.   Electro-fusion welding unit ROWELD ROFUSE print +ROTHENBERGER

12.   Oxyd layer removal device DA32-DA110 ROTHENBERGER

13.   Positioning element for electro-fusion welding ROTHENBERGER

14.   Spigot-and-socket joint welding device Roweld P 63 E ROTHENBERGER

15.   Pipe cutting tool ROCUT 63 ROTHENBERGER

16.   Welding extrusion machine WELDPLAST S6 LEISTER

17.   Welding unit Triac S LEISTER

18.   Automatic welding machine Uniplan LEISTER

19.   Invertor welding machine ASEA-200 TIG

20.   Invertor welding machine TIG 200P AC/DC

21.   Invertor welding machine MIG 3500 (J93)

22.   Invertor welding machine MIG 5000 (J91)


Tel: 8(3812) 65-27-19

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