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Omsk State Technical University provides a unique spectrum of undergraduate and graduate programs to challenge the intellect and cultivate creativity. With cutting-edge research, innovative facilities, and a global perspective, opportunities for students to learn and grow at OmSTU are endless. Language of instruction for all fields of study - Russian. The following list of courses includes fees per semester:

Bachelor (Bakalavr) and Specialist fields of study (as of 2021)

 Faculty/Institute     Fields of study

Machine Engineering Institute

 Machine engineering (4 years)

Design engineering support of machine engineering production (4 years)

Technological machines and complexes design engineering (5 years)

Material science and material technology (4 years)


 Petrochemical Institute

Information systems and technology (4 years)

Technological machines and equipment (4 years)

Refrigirating and cryogenic equipment and life-support systems (4 years)

Chemical technology (4 years)

Energy- and resourse-efficient and processes in chemical engineering, petrochemistry, and biotechnology  (4 years)

Technology-related safety (4 years)

Fire safety (5 years)

Oil and gas (4 years)


 Energy Institute

Heat power engineering and thermal equipment (4 years)

Electric power engineering and electric equipment (4 years)


   Information technology and computer systems faculty

Fundamental computer science and information technology (4 years)

Information systems software support and management (4 years)

Computer science and computer technology (4 years)

Information systems and technology (4 years)

Applied computer science (4 years)

Software engineering (4 years)

       Technological processes and production automation (4 years)

Technical systems management (4 years) 

Application and operation of special purpose automated systems (5 years)

Radio engineering faculty

 Information security (4 years)

Information security in law enforcement field (5 years)

Radio engineering (4 years)

 Information and communication technology and communication systems (4 years)

Electronic means design engineering and technology (4 years)

Electronics and nanoelectronics (4 years)

Instrument engineering (4 years)

Nano scale engineering (4 years) 

Information and communication technologies and special communication systems (5 years)

 Transport, oil and gas faculty

 Construction (4 years)

Machine engineering for power industry (4 years)

Oil and gas engineering (4 years)

  Transport and technological machines and complexes operation (4 years)

Special purpose transportation means (5 years)

Rocket systems and astronautics (4 years)

Design engineering, production and operation of rockets and aerospace complexes (5 years)

Aero and rocket engine design engineering (5 years)

Standardization and metrology (4 years) 

Humanities faculty

Occupational psychology (5 years)

Governmental and municipal management (4 years)

Customs affairs (5 years)

Advertisement and public relations (4 years) 

Design, Economics and Service Institute

Biotechnology (4 years)

Product technology and public catering management (4 years)

Light industry product manufacture (4 years)

Innovation studies (4 years)

Tourism (4 years)

Hotel business (4 years)

Design (4 years) 

Service (4 years)

Economic security (5 years)

Human resources management (4 years)

Management (4 years)

Economics (4 years)

Master (Magistr) fields of study (as of 2021)

1.     Fundamental computer science and information technology (download list of subjects)

2.     Computer science and computer technology (download list of subjects)

3.     Information systems and technology (download list of subjects)

4.     Applied computer science (download list of subjects)

5.     Radio engineering (download list of subjects)

6.     Information and communication technology and communication systems (download list of subjects)

7.     Electronic means design engineering and technology (download list of subjects)

8.     Electronics and nanoelectronics (download list of subjects)

9.     Instrument engineering (download list of subjects)

10.   Heat power engineering and thermal equipment (download list of subjects)

11.   Electric power engineering and electric equipment (download list of subjects)

12.   Energy machine engineering (download list of subjects)

13.   Machine engineering (download list of subjects)

14.   Technological machines and equipment (download list of subjects)

15.   Applied mechanics (download list of subjects)

16.   Technological processes and production automation (download list of subjects)

17.   Design engineering support of machine engineering production (download list of subjects)

18.   Chemical engineering (download list of subjects)

19.   Energy- and resource efficient processes in chemistry technology, petrochemistry and biotechnology (download list of subjects)

20.   Biotechnology (download list of subjects)

21.   Technology-related safety (download list of subjects)

22.   Oil and gas engineering (download list of subjects)

23.   Material science and material technology (download list of subjects)

24.   Standardization and metrology (download list of subjects)

25.   Nano scale engineering (download list of subjects)

26.   Light industry product design engineering (download list of subjects)

27.   Economics (download list of subjects)

28.   Tourism (download list of subjects)

29.   Hotel business (download list of subjects)

30.   Design (download list of subjects)

31.   State and municipal management  (download list of subjects)

Postgraduate fields of study (as of 2020)

For information on postgraduate programs please go to

Note: there is no Russian language preparatory course in OmSTU. You can find preparatory courses in other universities here: 

Language of instruction: Russian 

Semesters: September-December; February-June

Duration of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses:
  • Bachelor - 4 years of study
  • Engineer or Specialist- 5 years of study
  • Master - 2 years of study after Bachelor Degree
  • Postgraduate - 3 years of study after Master Degree
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