Chief Editor


SHALAY Viktor Vladimirovich

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, President of Omsk State Technical University, 
Head of Oil and Gas Engineering, Standardization and Metrology Department.
Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation.
Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education.
Inventor of the USSR.

SPIN-code: 2322-6820
ORCID: 0000-0003-0635-4849
ResearcherID: P-8233-2015


The total number of publications is over 400.

For the past five years there have been 142 works including:

  • in the journals included in Scopus - 45;
  • in the journals included in the VAK - 38.
  • invention patents - 9;
  • textbooks- 1

Training of highly qualified personnel:

2 Doctor of Sciences   
6 Candidates of Sciences (PhD)

Chairman of the Council for doctoral theses DC 212.014.02 by specialties:

05.07.02 — Design, construction and manufacture of aircraft (technical sciences) 

05.07.06 — Ground complexes, launch equipment, aircraft operation (technical sciences) 

Deputy Chairman of the Council D 212.178.09 for the defense of doctoral and candidate's theses in the following specialties:

02.01.06 — dynamics, strength of machines, instruments and equipment in technical sciences

05.02.02 — mechanical engineering, drive systems and machine parts in technical sciences

05.02.18 — theory of mechanisms and machines in technical sciences

Member of the Council D 212.178.14 for the defense of doctoral and candidate's theses in the following specialties:

02.05.13 — machines, units and processes (technical sciences)

05.16.09 — materials science (technical sciences)

Social activity

  • Chairman of the regional branch of the Association for Engineering Education of Russia.
  • Member of the Union of Mechanical Engineers of Russia.

Phone/fax (3812) 65-33-89, е-mail: